Most Basic Ice Dam Prevention Products and Their Costs

Most lower-cost ice dam prevention products offer a short term solution as opposed to really solving the root cause of the problem in the first place. In order to eliminate the problem altogether, you would need to ensure adequate insulation and ventilation of the attic space, and/or install a high-end metal roof.


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But, even temporary ice dam prevention measures can still be helpful and even necessary when you have no other choice. They can also be significantly cheaper, at least in the short term. So, you may want to consider using the following products, especially if you live in an area that normally does not experience a lot of major snow storms.

Snow Rakes

A snow rake can be used to clear snow off the roof. Preventing the build up of snow on your roof can make it impossible for ice dams to form.


A snow rake is a long handled rake with a wide head that can be used to remove large strips of snow from the roof of your home. It is fairly light, but sturdy, so that it can remove the snow without damaging the roof itself. However, it is still important to be careful when using a snow rake in order to ensure that the roof will not be harmed.

Tip: You can get a 21 foot long snow rake at Walmart for about $60. It’s highly rated by consumers. Just make sure you know how to properly use it!

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If you have a metal roof that you don’t want to scratch or solar panels that you don’t want to damage in the process, you can get the Snow Pro — Extra Soft Snow Rake available in different lengths of up to 30 feet, and ranging in price from $25 to $150 from

You will need to be willing to put in the time and effort to use the snow rake whenever snow begins to build up on the roof. This option is, therefore, only suitable for someone who is physically capable of clearing the snow off the roof and is not afraid to use ladder if necessary.

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