Metal Roof vs. Asphalt Shingles – Buyer’s Guide

The roof is your home’s first line of defense against the harsh weather elements. With a traditional asphalt shingle roof your home’s weather and thermal protection is often inadequate, especially if you happen to live in a harsher climate.

For example, in desert-like climates such as parts of Texas, California, Nevada, and Arizona that have a lot of direct sunlight and rapidly changing temperatures, asphalt shingles can often develop all sorts of chips and cracks leading to premature roof failure.

Even in temperate climatic zones asphalt shingle roofs average only 12 to 17 years of service life, according to New England Metal Roof. With a modern metal roof you can have a system that can easily last two to three times longer than asphalt, while also providing superior energy efficiency, durability, reliability, and often significant energy savings.

Residential Metal Roofing System

With all the inspirational and exciting green building projects rated by the US Green Building Council, and an ever increasing demand for greener, Energy Star-certified homes, and zero energy homes, a cool metal roof can be one of the best exterior remodeling upgrades for your home.

Modern metal roofing offers a great number of environmental benefits: it is energy efficient, contains a significant proportion of recycled metal content, and it’s fully recyclable at the end of its long service life.

Not just for Metal Barns anymore!

Building in a green and sustainable way does not have to be limited to high profile, commercial and institutional construction projects, or the lucky few owners of luxurious mansions.

In fact, many middle class families can now take advantage of the everyday green building technology and its many products like residential metal roofing, that is becoming increasingly more affordable and has earned the enviable spot of being the fastest growing residential roofing product on the market today.

Modern metal roofs are perfectly suitable to replace the “incumbent” asphalt shingle roofs, based on its many merits such as being able to provide many decades of a leak-free roof performance, its environmental friendliness, and importantly its meaningful energy savings.

These savings can add up over the years to a good chunk of change. Finally, a modern metal roof will also accent the beauty and style of your home.

You can now go away from this…

A corrugated metal roof on a barn

A corrugated metal roof on a barn

and this…

An asphalt shingle roof on a four a house

An asphalt shingle roof on a four-square house

To this…

A sheet metal roof on a house

A vertical panel sheet metal roof on a house

Or this…

Tamko Metalworks - metal shingles roof on a ranch

Tamko Metalworks – metal shingles roof on a ranch

Environmental Benefits

Modern metal roofing offers many advantages over conventional asphalt shingle roofs. To name a few, metal roofing does not contain any petroleum based products that go in the production of asphalt roofing products and end up in our landfills once the asphalt shingles have served their purpose and are no longer useful.

It’s worthwhile mentioning that although in theory asphalt shingles are recyclable, in practice it is not a common industry practice, but rather just wishful thinking.

In fact, every year about 20 billion pounds of asphalt shingles end up in our landfills! This is not a Mad Max movie scare tactic, or a marketing gimmick, but rather an unfortunate reality of the current state of the roofing industry.


On average, metal roofs can last two to three times longer than asphalt shingle roofs. This means that a metal roof may well be the last roof you ever have to pay for.

Should you decide to sell your property at some time down the road, metal roofing will provide a highly sought after curb appeal, and increased value in your property.

Keep in mind that a recouped value of investment in metal roofing hovers above a 90% mark, which is easily twice the amount of what you would normally expect to get back for the installation of an asphalt shingle roof.

Special CoolRoof Rated Coatings

According to, modern metal roofs are coated with solar reflective Kynar 500 paint finish which helps reflect solar radiant heat, and thus allows homeowners reduce their air conditioning costs by an average of 20 to 30% per year. This results in significant year-after-year savings in your pocket, which further justifies the higher initial cost of metal roofing investment in your home.

Characteristic Styles ready for PV Solar Integration

Modern standing seam metal roofs can be easily integrated with solar PV roofing panels mounted to a specially designed bracketing system that is attached to the seams of a roof and requires no penetrations made to the roof itself, or though a peel-and-stick method for adhering thin-film photovoltaic solar laminates designed specifically for a standing seam metal roof.


Combining a standing seam metal roof with PV solar panels will help yield yet additional energy savings by generating electricity from harnessing of solar energy. Metal roofs are perfect candidates for the solar upgrade because of their longevity, which helps to further justify the installation of a PV solar power system on a metal roof.


Metal roofs can be a viable alternative to asphalt shingle roofs not only for homeowners, but also for roofing contractors who want to differentiate themselves by offering an energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and a long lasting roofing product.

Buying & Selling Points for Homeowners and Contractors

Another important factor that makes installing metal roofing a viable remodeling decision for homeowners, is that metal roofs retain their value far better than any other remodeling upgrade throughout their life-cycle. — This means that metal roofs provide homeowners with a better chance to recoup their initial investment in case they ever decide to sell their home.

Metal roofs can also be quite advantageous, and provide a great selling point when it comes to staging the property for a new home buyer.

Harsh Weather Proof

If you happen to live in a hurricane prone area, a metal roof can help you keep your house and the roof over your head and withstand some serious storms, hail, and save your home in forest fires. Based on these merits, many insurance companies provide discounts on homeowners insurance to those homeowners who choose to install qualified system. Why not join the ranks of many smart homeowners who chose to retrofit their homes with this proven, energy efficient and versatile product? 🙂

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