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Metal Shingles Roofing Cost & System Overview

a red color metal shingles roof on a ranch house

a red color metal shingles roof on a ranch house

If you are a homeowner considering installing a metal roof on your house, but are worried that it will make your house look like a barn, then consider installing an architectural metal shingles roofing system, which can provide the same superior performance as other premium types of residential metal roofing.

A metal shingles roof offers a unique look of conventional roofing materials and systems including slate, cedar shingles, tiles, and more.

With an average cost of $850 per square (100 sq. feet), a metal shingles roof is about 30% less expensive than a comparable quality, architectural standing seam roof, while providing the same level of roof protection, durability and longevity.

If you own a classic colonial type home or a house made of brick, then a metal shingles roof is definitely one of the ways to go, especially if you want to preserve that authentic look, yet, have all the benefits of a metal roof.


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