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Metal Roof Repair – Identifying and Fixing Leaks

metal roof repair When a new metal roof starts to leak shortly after it was installed, you will be justified to feel upset about the whole “Leaky Roof” situation, especially if you’ve just recently paid many thousands of dollars to a shady crew for your new Forever Roof. As a specialty metal roofing contractor,

I often get calls from concerned homeowners and businesses who have a fairly new, yet already-leaking metal roof that requires a professional repair to remedy the situation.

When asked whether they have called the company that installed the roof in the first place, I usually get one of the two responses; The contractor will not return the calls, or the company is out of business. Go figure! – This situation plays out over and over again, with all sorts of residential and commercial metal roofs that were installed by regular roofers.

From a leaky metal shingles roof that was installed over some four old layers of asphalt, to standing seam panels that were not properly flashed at the ridge using a z-bar flashing, or copper pans that were not properly soldered, I’ve seen it all! 😉

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